Backpack Program

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Reminder, we are still honoring our “BACK PACK PROGRAM.” Your child is eligible to receive a backpack full of food that can last for several days throughout the summer. All you or they have to do is contact the school during the week and let us know if you would like to receive a backpack for the summer. Your child will be able to continue once a week to get their bag refilled. We would like to help out with assistance in any way we can, starting with the
backpack program. Just bring the backpack on any given day once emptied, and it shall be refilled. You do not have to respond if you are not interested. Also, we have “PERSONAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS” at the BHS location. Please contact Lisa Cross and Tameka Golden who can assist you with your needs. 870-762-2772 Ext: 5213