What are Act 1240 waivers?


Act 1240 allows school districts to petition the State Board of Education for the same waivers granted to open-enrollment charter schools if any students residing in the district attend a charter school.


Does the Blytheville School District hold any 1240 waivers? 


The Blytheville School District requested and was granted the following ACT 1240 waivers in 2017:

  • Flexible Schedule

    • 6-10-106 for School Year Dates

    • 6-17-114 for Daily Planning Period

    • 6-16-102 for School Day 

  • Teacher and Administrator Licensure

    • 6-15-1004 for Qualified Teachers

    • 6-17-309 for Certification to teach grade

    • 6-17-401 for Teacher Licensure

    • 6-17-418 for Teacher Certification for Arkansas History

    • 6-17-902 for Definition of a Teacher

    • 6-17-919 for Warrants Void without valid certificate

  • Standards for Accreditation

    • 4-B.1, 4-B.2, 4-C.1, 4-C.2, 4-D.1 and 4-D.2 Licensure and Renewal

  • Guidance Counseling Services

    • 4-E.1 for School Counselor Improvement Act - Act 190

  • Curriculum

    • 1-A.1.2 Grades 5-8

    • 1-A.12.8 Arkansas History

  • Class Size and Teaching Load

    • 1-A.5 and 1-A.6 Class Size and Teaching Load


Why did the Blytheville School District request these waivers? 


The waivers will enhance student learning opportunities, promote innovation or increase equitable access to effective teachers by ensuring teachers hired on a 1240 waiver meet Arkansas Qualified Teacher status. 


How many teachers were hired during the 2021-22 school year under 1240 waivers? 


We currently have 47 teachers on an Act 1240 waiver. 


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