Blytheville Schools’ PR Director

Students and teachers of the Blytheville School District contributed enough food in September for the Blytheville Area Food Pantry that, even if not enough to sustain the pantry for the rest of the year, provided representatives with a good head start on helping individuals who really need the help.
The district set aside September for all students and teachers to contribute nonperishable foods to the food pantry. One school, Blytheville Elementary School, even sponsored a contest among the classrooms to see which class was best in bringing in the most food.
In all, district students and teachers contributed 1,474 pounds of food for the food pantry. Blytheville High School students contributed approximately 220 pounds of food and Blytheville Primary School, Blytheville Middle School and the district’s Service Center, contributed about another 300 pounds. BES students contributed 974 pounds.
Cindy Ruddick, director of the food pantry, was very appreciative of the efforts to bring in the much-needed food. “We received all different kinds of foods such as Ramon noodles, pork and beans, soup, cake mixes and bottled water,” she said. “One school sent hygiene items such as toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, soap and body wash.
“Every person involved with the schools did a great job, and the food pantry really appreciates it. It takes a special person to see a need and then respond to it.”
Not only did the individual school buildings have their own food pantry donations, which began Sept. 5-29, employees at the Service Center also contributed to the pantry.
BHS, BMS and BPS (including the kindergarten center) asked students and teachers last month to donate food for the food pantry. BES, on the other hand, sponsored a contest, with classrooms of students competing to bring in the most food. Those honors ultimately went to Joyce Jacks’ students for the fifth grade, Lorna Curtis’ students for the fourth and Megan Trucks’ students for the third.