Award Ceremony & Graduation Practice


Awards Ceremony & Graduation Practice -   Friday, May 11, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. in Boys’ Gym

                                                                                                    Practice is mandatory.  Do Not Be Late.

Cap and gowns will be given out following practice. (Only the parent or the student may pick up the cap and gown.  If there is a problem, see Mrs. Middlebrook.)

Be sure to dress according to school dress code and be prepared to have your picture made that day.  Some scholarship photos are made at practice.


Awards Ceremony – Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 7:00 p.m. in Boys’ Gym

                                           Be lined up by 6:15 p.m. in the west side parking lot of Boys’ Gym with your cap    

                                             and gown already on.


Graduation – Friday, May 18, 2018, 7:00 p.m. at Haley Field

                                                Be lined up by 6:15 in the Field House – east side facing Owen’s – with your

                                              cap and gown already on.


If you are graduating May 18, attendance is REQUIRED at practice, Awards Ceremony, and Graduation unless personally excused by Mr. Ashley.

If you are graduating after summer school, you may walk for Awards Ceremony, but NOT Graduation.              


Senior Picnic  - will begin after practice.  The better you listen and follow directions, the sooner practice

                              will be over.


Parade of Graduates -  follows Senior Picnic.  Buses will begin loading at 1:20.  Wear cap and gown.  We

                                          will travel to primary school, elementary school, and then return to BHS where

                                          you will be dismissed.




·         Wear a dress or church clothes under your gown

·         Wear flats or wedges in a neutral color (brown, beige, black, white)

·         Do NOT wear spike heels, flip flops, or tennis shoes.  You will fall.  It is embarrassing and painful



·         Wear slacks, not jeans.

·         Wear a button down shirt with a tie.  Do not wear a t-shirt or polo.

·         Wear dress shoes.  NO boots, sandals, flip flops, or tennis shoes.


Ladies and Men

·         No decorated hats.  You will be asked not to walk.

·         No large chains or gawdy jewelry.  No jewelry visible on the gown

·         No phones, or electronic devices

·         No gum, candy, food nor drinks

·         Ladies should bring bobbie pins for your cap.  You may need them to keep your hat on if it’s windy.

Diplomas and etc...

·         You may pick up your diploma in the Counseling Office beginning Monday, June 18th.  You will NOT receive your diploma at graduation.  Only you or your parent may pick up the diploma.

·         Make sure you have returned all books and have paid all fines or you will not be able to pick up your diploma.

·         Mrs. Middlebrook has a notebook in her office for you to write the name and address where you want your final transcript sent.  The final transcripts will not be ready until the middle of June.