Motivation Monday
Scottie Landess
Monday, September 25, 2017

Motivation Monday   9-25-2017


More from Ruby Payne, Ph.D.’s book, “under resourced learners” - - - -


“A highly successful CEO, Al, who grew up very poor, told me that he had a high school coach who became his college coach in basketball.  His junior year of college, Al went out one night and played basketball with a local league when he should have been studying.  That night when he got back to his dorm, there was a sign on his door that said, Come see me.  He went to the coach’s office, but it was midnight, and the coach wasn’t there.  The next morning at 6 a.m. Al was waiting for the coach at his office.  When the coach came, he asked Al where he had been the night before.  Al told him.  Then the coach asked who was there.  He told him.  The coach said, ‘All of those men have incredible talent.  All of those men are pumping gas or flipping burgers because they did what you did.  They played ball instead of studying.  If you don’t want to pump gas or flip burgers, it’s not enough to have talent, you also must be educated.’  At first Al was furious.  But as he thought about what the coach said, he realized it was true.  And so, along with his basketball, he also studied.


What do you think about that story? 

Why did Al get angry?

What does it mean to be educated?

Do you know anyone who is talented but not educated?  If so, how different might their life be if they had both talent and education?

What do you want for yourself?  How will you get it?


If you need help answering any of these, I’m here.  You can come see me or email me.  I’m sure you could even discuss it with any teacher or coach you trust.



Ms. Scottie