Senior Scholarships Reminder
Emily Crosskno
Friday, September 08, 2017

Seniors, I shared with you a google sheet that has several scholarship search engines as well as direct links to college scholarship applications and requirements.  Please notice that there are two tabs to this sheet that are located at the bottom.  I have tried to make this process as easy as I possibly can for you by copying and pasting links so you just have to simply click and it takes you to the website. This document will be updated weekly so make sure you check back to see what has been added.  I encourage each of you to create an email that is strictly used for scholarship applications as once you input your personal email on the search engines they will constantly send you emails with information on scholarships you qualify for.  Please let Mr. Echols or myself know if you need assistance with any applications.  We are both aware of how time consuming looking for scholarships can be.  Please make sure that before you come and say you can't find any scholarships that you have at least created accounts and have begun using these websites.  Have a great day and a great weekend!